Tafadzwa Mrewa

A lot of businesses struggle with relaying their message & connecting with their audience. And the reason for this is simple.

Business language and jargon often alienate your audience. You need to use the right words to win their attention, captivate, and get them to take the next step.

Because we all know how short people’s attention spans are now.

I can help with this, with relatable copy that also nurtures your audience. My knowledge in SEO will also make your content search engine friendly.

I’ve worked with clients from all over the globe and in niches such as the dental industry, digital marketing, as well as the finance & investment industry.

Let’s create some quality audience-targeted content! You can reach me via email or LinkedIn, thanks.

Past Work

Transitioning From Partner To Stepdad: What To Expect

You’ve been dating for a while, and everything has been going great. You’ve met and spent time with her kids, and the going’s been good. So you decide to take the ‘obvious’ next step and become a permanent part of her life and theirs (the kids). But you soon encounter some things and situations you didn’t expect during your transition from partner to stepdad! You’re caught unaware and off guard. You didn’t think you’d face any of these challenges. The truth is relationships are different, and

How to start farming on a budget

Getting started in the agricultural sector appears to be a challenging endeavor to most due to what we think are obstacles. The first being, not knowing where to start and thinking too much capital is required. However below we will look at how you can start farming with what you have today, and it won’t cost you much. It might only set you back a few months of saving. To get started you will need some land, not necessarily a large farm but just some space in your backyard. Yes, even with that